Example HTML Prototype

This example HTML prototype showcases how the team of software developers at Atlas can create you a simple working prototype so that you can get a good idea of how your software solution will look and feel. As this is an HTML prototype there is no database and no backend development work has been done to produce this site. The site is just HTML pages that link to each other.

As any HTML prototypes we create for our customers are produced under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), we can't show you any real HTML prototypes we have made. So instead, we have created this example prototype which is a mini back office system for a development company

You can click around this website and get a feel for how a HTML prototype produced by Atlas would work. Remember that this HTML prototype has been designed to show how a software solution, like a simple back office system, would look and feel. The HTML prototype also allows the customer to use the system to see that the prototype meets their business objectives, before going on to the actual software development stage. It is not a fully functioning system.

Do you need a HTML prototype?

We would always recommend that you start your software project off with an HTML prototype if you are developing a web application or a website.

This allows you to see very early on how the user interface (UI) will look and quickly highlights any missing information from the specification or any missing features.

It is at the HTML prototype stage that changes to the application can be made most quickly and easily, so this is a good opportunity to experiment with different user flows and page layouts before the main development begins.

We would especially recommend an HTML protoytype to customers that don't have full specification requirements written down in detail. The HTML prototype can act as a spec once it is complete. The customer can then signoff that there is nothing missing from the HTML protype, the developers can estimate against it, then development can begin, which is essentially just making everything in the HTML prototype actually work.